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Calling Swan Hillers! No doubt you’ve seen claw machines around.

Maybe you’ve played on one and even won something. (Yes people can win on them!) Have you ever considered owning a claw machine business? Koalakrane is a franchise that takes people who no absolutely nothing about claw machines and shows them how to run a successful part time claw machine business. We’re looking for someone who has attention to detail and will diligently present and service machines. We also need someone who’s not afraid to approach Swan Hill business to place machines and expand the business. If you can do those things we do everything else – business support, prizes and advice every step of the way. Contact us to find out more about Koalakrane in Swan Hill.

Use technology.

  • Our franchisees use a proprietary app and reporting software, so they can keep their finger on the pulse of their business. It keeps you in total control of your business in the most efficient, hassle-free way possible.
  • Set and forget.

  • Well we don’t want you to forget them, but once you’ve filled, merchandised and cleaned your machine you can walk away knowing that it’s making money until you see it again.
  • Earn great money!

  • You certainly will be taken aback at some of the earnings your machines will make. With the right location and business strategy, your claw machine franchise can easily attract players and multiply profit. With this Swan Hill business for sale, you will be on top of your earnings when you collect them every week.
  • Watch this Three Minutes Swan Hill Franchise Opportunity Video To Discover How...

    About Us


    Koalakrane is a franchise system based in Australia that allows franchisees to own and manage an amusement crane machine business within an exclusive home territory. Koalakrane provides assistance to its members through a qualified technical support and proven business systems, as well as Koalakrane products and promo materials for their claw machines.

    Koalakrane is patterned on its New Zealand-based sister company, Kiwikrane—supporting over 100 franchisees with over 2,000 skilltester machines in operation across two countries. Koalakrane, which has its headquarters in Melbourne, is supported by dedicated, competent staff in Auckland and Perth and overseas in India and the Philippines. Mark Robins and Cliff Hopkins man company operations in Melbourne and Auckland, respectively.


    Success Stories

    I have been passing by this site for some time now and had a few attempts to discuss with the owners about putting in a machine, but they were not always available.

    After a few days, I went back in hopes that it is the right time. It turned out that the owner was also interested in placing a skilltester machine in their establishment.

    After three weeks, we were discussing about placing a second machine in.

    - Colin Neilsen

    I was always overwhelmed about the thought of being a franchisee, but once I signed up, it turned out to be a smooth-sailing experience. Of course, I had help from the Koalakrane team, which I’m so thankful for.

    It also helps to have a family of franchisees that help each other out. It motivated me to continue expanding my businesses. I’m already planning to put up more machines in other sites in my area.

    - Kerri Gibens

    I was recruiting sites for my machines just last week and found one that I recently took over. The site’s owners couldn’t be happier to have my machine in their shop, as it draws a lot of customers.

    Prior to our partnership, I showed them the brochure and pictures so they can envision how the machines would look. They instantly liked it.

    - Marten Clark

    Take Care of the Business Opportunity in Swan Hill

    or Someone Else Will!

    We are determined to carry on our program for the claw machine arcade games will be there entertaining old and new generations. Give us a call or fill up to form at the right. We will response within 24 hours.

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