Moree Claw Vending Machine For Sale


  •  Koalakrane branded
  •  Established area
  •  9 machines on site
  • Potential to add more machines
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  • Exclusive operations in Moree
  • Excellent industry track record
  • Flexible working hours
  • 17 years’ worth of business experience
  • Constant franchisor support in all areas
  • Licensed toy prizes exclusive to franchisees
  • Convenient ordering of stock

Koalakrane is a franchise business system based in Australia that allows franchisees to own and operate claw machines.

With a proven business system that’s been tested for over 17 years in the industry, Koalakrane offers numerous benefits to its members:

Trainings and workshops

All franchisees are entitled to attend seminars and workshops that tackle on different aspects, from taking care of their amusement claw machines to expanding their business.

Technical and customer support

Koalakrane has a competent team of individuals who will answer to inquiries Mondays to Fridays and a technical team who will assist franchisees in case of trouble with their toy crane machines.

Constant marketing

Koalakrane has built a reputation among franchisees and Koalakrane players with its consistent marketing efforts.

Less competition

Since you will be exclusively operating in Moree, you won’t have to worry about other franchisees getting in your way to gain more profit..

If you are a small business owner who is looking for a business that will suit your busy lifestyle, a Koalakrane arcade claw machine franchise is the perfect business opportunity for you! Reach us now so we can discuss further.


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