Shepparton Claw Machines For Sale


  •  Movable claw machines supported by 4 quality wheels
  •  Huge prize storage and continuous supply
  •  All metal frame construction made in Australia
  •  Branded and tempered safety glass




  • Extensive business experience for 16 years
  • Enjoy exclusive operations in Shepparton
  • Semi-passive source of income
  • Complete cash business
  • Receive full support from franchisor
  • Profitable since day one
  • Updated claw machines
  • Work flexible hours with only one-day servicing
  • Order licensed stock from the comforts of your home

Koalakrane is an established business franchise system that provides franchisees the opportunity to own and to operate arcade claw machines throughout Australia. The system originated from New Zealand in the name of Kiwikrane, with over 17 years’ worth of experience in the industry and close to 2,500 claw machines in operation. With Koalakrane, franchisees are able to set up their claw machines in an exclusive home territory, receiving assistance in technical support, customer support, and marketing materials for their business.

Being a franchisee, you are allowed to transport your machines to more profitable locations anytime you want, instead of trapping you in a fixed site.


Koalakrane is looking for a new franchisee to take over Shepparton, Victoria, and other neighbouring regions. Currently, it has six machines operating on site with a return profit of $250 per week for only a day’s worth of work.

Koalakrane machines all underwent quality testing and manufactured using durable machine parts and components. Because of their user-friendly interface, even those who are not savvy about technology are able to operate their claw machines easily.

No age requirement, this great business opportunity provides a secondary income to business owners as they focus on the more important matters in their lives, such as family and career. Our claw machines are always stocked with the most attractive prizes. Koalakrane has a competent team tasked to acquire only the best-licensed stock for its members. All stocks can be ordered through an exclusive app and will be delivered straight to your homes.

This business costs includes the stock and the ownership of all claw machines. Selected applicants are eligible for vendor finance. With Koalakrane, you can expect to earn your investment back in 2.5 years or less.


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