Canberra Claw Machines For Sale


  •  Software-managed price
  •  System controled play time
  •  Adjustable claw grabbing strength
  •  Guaranteed high-security lock (with keys)
  •  Colourful lights and design for more attraction


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  • Proven track record
  • Operate exclusively in Canberra
  • Extensive industry experience for over 16 years
  • Set up and running in no time
  • Flexible or part-time hours
  • Ongoing support from franchisor
  • Quality claw machines with updated technology
  • Minimal maintenance required – one-day servicing
  • Order licensed stock through an exclusive app

Koalakrane is well-established franchise system that allows franchisees to own and operate claw crane machines in their own exclusive territory. Based in Australia, Koalakrane originated from New Zealand in the name of Kiwikrane, where it had almost 2,500 machines in operation for the past 17 years.

Being a franchisee entitles one to an exclusive home territory where they can set up their machines, with complete technical and customer support from the franchisor. Promotional materials are also provided to make their claw machines more appealing to potential players.

Since you can always move your machines around to more promising locations in your area, franchisees are not fixed to a single site and can take control over their business.


Koalakrane is seeking for a new franchisee to take over Canberra and other neighbouring regions. There is no age limit required. For those who are interested, this could be a great source for secondary income especially for small business owners who are looking to maximise their time or expand their business.

You will be provided with quality licensed stock to choose from to place inside your machines. Koalakrane has a qualified team who does the job of finding only the most popular and eye-catching prizes for your machines. You can place your orders through an exclusive website and have them delivered to your doorstep. Selected applicants can sign up for vendor finance.

In Koalakrane, you can expect to earn your investment back in about 2.5 years or less.


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