Our Machines

Our Machines

This has long been Australia’s best earning machine. Tall and imposing with glass all round - it’s a machine that stops you in it’s tracks. Perfect for shopping centres with line of site requirements, this machine can take the biggest of prizes with it’s specially designed claw. Provided you have the right venue, a giant machine is a license to print money.
The smaller of the two large machines, the super jumbo is suitable for big venues such as shopping centres, cinemas or bowling alleys. It takes larger plush toys and full size league balls. SImilar to jumbo yet more capacity and more visual appeal.
A larger machine that’s still relatively easy to move lying on its back in a van or trailer. This machine dispays large plush and full size league balls and basketballs and it’s very popular in a wide range of venues.
This is the workhorse of the Koalakrane fleet. It showcases small and medium plush toys or mini league and mini basketballs. Easily transportable and easy to locate, the standard machine is your bread and butter.
This is a new addition to our range and is suitable for venues with very limited space. For prizes it suits Play til you win, Hi Bounce Balls and smaller plush toys.

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