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If you’re after a business idea that fits in with what you are doing now, then consider Koalakrane in Horsham.

We are a franchise system in which our franchisees operate amusement claw machines. For someone living in or near Horsham it means when you start you would have a number of Koalakrane claw machines on venues on a revenue share basis. Your job is to go round these sites once a week and refill and display the machines. As well as this you may also want to grow the business. To do this you would approach pubs and clubs, IGA’s, laundromats, takeaways and shopping centers to place a machine. Claw machines have been around a long time and they’ll be around for a lot longer. People never get bored with them because we always have something new coming through. Sports licenses, movies or games – there’s so much out there to put in the machines. Sourcing and supplying that product is our job. If you’d like to find out more about Koalakrane in Horsham Victoria we’d love to hear from you.

Keep your day job.

  • Koalakrane franchises are perfect additions to your existing day job or hectic daily activities. Who says that you have to quit your job and hobbies just to focus on the business? With this (Victoria) Horsham business for sale, it is possible to juggle important matters in your life all at the same time.
  • Impress your kids.

  • Enjoy great family time when your kids come out to help you on your weekly machine visits. Not only will you be productive as you manage your business, you will also create more bonding opportunities with family. Besides, kids love it when they mingle with adult matters.
  • Work with your partner.

  • Complementary skills can work together. Someone may be better at fixing things and the other one can clean them. Someone may be better at prospecting for new business while the other one could look after the accounts.
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    About Us


    Koalakrane is a trusted franchise system in Australia that allows franchisees to own and operate arcade claw machines in an exclusive territory. We assist franchisees in managing their businesses with reliable technical support, efficient technology, and quality products as well as promotional materials for their skilltester machines.

    Koalakrane is connected to its sister franchise company, Kiwikrane, which is based in New Zealand. The companies have over 100 franchisees operating nearly 2,000 machines across the two countries. The Koalakrane franchisor headquarters is situated in Melbourne, with dedicated teams spread across Auckland, Perth, India, and the Philippines. Koalakrane directors include Mark Robins in Melbourne and Cliff Hopkins in Auckland.


    Success Stories

    I have been passing by this potential site for a while. It took me three attempts to approach them for a talk yet they were always too busy.

    I tried my luck on another day and bided my time. It turned out that the owner was also keen in placing a machine in their site.

    We spoke about putting a second machine just three weeks later.

    - Colin Neilsen

    At first, I had my hesitations to be a franchisee, but thankfully, I did. Once I found the perfect site to place my first machine, everything was a smooth-sailing process with the support I got from Koalakrane.

    Having other franchisees to discuss helpful tips and advice was also a motivating factor to keep growing my business. I am now considering on expanding my machines to more sites in the future.

    - Kerri Gibens

    It was just last week that I was out recruiting sites for my machines. Thankfully, I found one and the owners were absolutely up to put a machine in.

    What I did was show them a brochure with the photos so they can imagine how our claw cranes are presented and they immediately agreed.

    - Marten Clark

    Take Care of the Business Opportunity in Horsham

    or Someone Else Will!

    We are determined to carry on our program for the claw machine arcade games will be there entertaining old and new generations. Give us a call or fill up to form at the right. We will response within 24 hours.

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