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15 Reasons Why Claw Machines are Absolutely the Best Vending Machine Money Can Buy!

Claw Machines:

What we do to make a living has a huge influence on our enjoyment of life. You're here because you're looking for a change and to take on a new challenge. Congratulations for getting this far. We believe we've got a lifestyle business that passes the test of time. Our longest standing franchisee has been with us for over 15 years.

Our claw machine franchisees are from all walks of life. They're young and old, men and women, part time and full time. So what is special about Koalakrane franchise opportunities? We've thought of 6 compelling reasons why a claw machine franchise opportunities could be right for you.

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A successful business is a system. It's a way of doing something that provides consistent results. What contributes to our franchisees getting great results is a combination of systems working together. We are living in an online world. The recipe for success is contained in an online franchisee manual that you can access, including videos on how to do things or fix things. All your transactions and data can be captured with our proprietary mobile app and reports are generated for you.

All your prizes and ordering requirements are provided on a private online shop. Communication with other franchisees and from the franchisor is done through our online forum. Your vending machine business can run like clockwork – you just have to follow the systems we have created.

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“Sue and I purchased our Koalakrane Franchise business in Ballarat in January 2014. The business suits our lifestyle as we can generate a healthy income working one to two days per week and will have a return on investment before two years. The training we have received and the ongoing support has been excellent.

With Koalakrane managing our administration and merchandise, we have the time to make our business grow by finding new locations. We are very happy with our decision to buy a franchise from Koalakrane.

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Koalakrane is part of a transtasman group of nearly 3,000 machines. What that means is that we have the buying capacity to work with some of the most iconic and well known brands in Australia. We believe in using genuine licensed products in our machines.

That means you will be working with NRL, AFL, NBA and A League sporting products. It means you will be filling your machines Star Wars, Peppa Pig and Minions plush toys. It means you’ll be using product licensed by top sporting legends such as Andrew Johns and Greg Inglis.

You’ll be using authorized and attractive marketing material and posters to promote your machines. When it comes to brands, Koalakrane excels.

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There’s many ways that we do provide support. Having someone at the end of the phone to assist with technical questions is a given. We hold workshops in which you can come along, meet other franchisees and learn more about machines and upcoming prizes and promotions.

We have a dedicated staff member for each state who gives email and phone support, including detailed financial reports each month. Of course support is more than just direct contact. We support you by providing a framework to do business, a prize supply for your machines and software to run them on and a R & D team working on new ideas and technological advances. It is, however, a fallacy to think a franchise must succeed because of support.

Our support alone will not make you successful. Business is like life. You are the one who will make it successful. We can only do so much and we can only take you so far –the rest is up to you.

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One of the most attractive aspects of this type of business is the flexibility. There is no absolute place you have to be at a certain time. While we expect you to service machines on a weekly basis, there is a degree of flexibility that other businesses don’t afford. Unlike a shop in a mall, or a commercial business, where you simply can’t be sick or out of action, our franchisees can change their schedule at the drop of a hat.

Our franchisees love the ability they have to drop off or pick up the kids from school, to have a long weekend or to split their run up into three days. Koalakrane can be a small business in a rural town or a full time business in a city. Machines can be serviced any time and any day.

A business that allows flexibility takes a lot of stress out of being in business.

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“ I came from a corporate background in Sydney and moved to Port Macquarie for a change of life. In my previous career I had been working long hours for someone else. I decided life wasn't all about work and I was looking for something to give me a life/ work balance. Buying a Koalakrane franchise has given me the flexibility I was looking for, the sense of running my own business and the time for the family that I didn’t previously have. ”

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Positive Cash flow is important in a business. In fact running out of cash is the number one reason that businesses, even profitable businesses go under. The beauty of Koalakrane is that you will find a wad of notes and a cashbox of coins in every machine every time you visit. The advantage of this is that you can keep on top of your bills and know where you stand each week.

One of the great uncertainties in running businesses that offer credit is not knowing how much you’ll get in when, and of course no one wants the dreaded credit control role. It’s comforting to know that you can get your cash from the machines into the bank in full every week and keep on top of your bills.

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15 Reasons Why Claw Machines are Absolutely the Best Vending Machine Money Can Buy!

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Fun in

Fun in business is underestimated. If you’re going to be doing something for a good portion of the week then you should find something you’re going to enjoy. You can imagine that Santa Claus has a fairly high level of job satisfaction, visiting houses climbing down chimneys and leaving presents for people. Well you will be in a very similar role (minus the chimneys). You’ll be visiting locations with a bag of toys and prizes giving these out. Staff on locations will be pleased to see you and interested in what you have. You’ll hear stories of people who have won prizes and you’ll know by the lower level in the machine that since you visited last you’ve made a lot of winners happy. It’s fun to receive new product, set up machines and open the cashbox next week.

We’re not so much in the crane machine business as we are in the business of giving fun. Playing a machine may be a small part of someone’s day, but there’s enough sadness in the world. That’s one of the reasons why our franchisees enjoy the business - because they bring fun and a few seconds of excitement to others $1 at a time.

Fun in Franchising Business
Steve Wilson

Jamie Croker


“ After losing my wife suddenly and working full-time shiftwork with four young children I was faced with a life of uncertainty. How would I live, let alone pay the bills? After a lot of thought, I knew I could no longer work my regular job and I had to find something within school hours which gave me the flexibility to be there for my children. Then I discovered Koalakrane.

I purchased one area in Port Stephens NSW which soon became three areas, and is now a thriving business with six approaching one hundred machines. This has turned out to be much much more than I ever expected. I cannot recommend it enough to a potential franchisee. It has turned my life around and given me the freedom to be there for my kids at a time when it matters most. ”

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Watch a day in the life of a franchisee!

Neil has been a franchisee for 8 years. We spent a day with Neil on the road as he services his machines. To get an idea of what it’s like to be a Koalakrane franchisee, and hear from Neil, watch this short video.

Neil Whelan

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15 Reasons Why Claw Machines are Absolutely the Best Vending Machine Money Can Buy!


Koalakrane works with some of Australia's best and biggest brands to develop product for our crane machines. May of the items we develop are made just for our group.

Whether it be AFL or NRL sports balls and Teddy Bears, Star Wars Movies Merchandise or evergreen items such Winnie the Pooh - we have it all.

Arcade Machine Prizes
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I have been a franchisee with Koalakrane for 12 months now. Prior to purchasing this business I had owned pubs in Melbourne and had rights to a venue on the Gold Coast. Both were 24/7 businesses. I was now looking for a business that had the potential to earn good money but also flexible enough so I could enjoy quality time with my family be it on the weekend or during the weekday if there were activities at my girl's school to attend. After doing my due diligence I was comfortable that Koalakrane was the right business for me. I understood it was a franchise and I would need to conform to their guidelines but I was comfortable with this as I knew they were experts in the field and I was purchasing the business to operate it at its full capacity and make as much money as possible.

The other thing that really appealed to me was the quality and variety of stock that was available for purchase. Every item I put in my machines has an intrinsic value and an appeal to the customer. We are not dealing with throw away plush toys with very little value. When I started my business I had short and long term goals. I started out with 13 machines and over the next 9 months, I grew the business to over 40 machines. I love what I do and tell my friends it is the most enjoyable job I have ever had. Like anything in this world, nothing comes without putting in hard work and I have put a lot of effort into how I present my machines and building a good business relationship with each site owner/manager. The company offers great support and training and are a great team to work with.

Good luck with your search for the right business and if you get to the stage you would like to explore Koalakrane in more depth I'm more than happy to have a chat and talk about my experiences in more depth. I am also involved in the training of new franchisees and would welcome you visiting and training with me in the beautiful Gold Coast.

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15 Reasons Why Claw Machines are Absolutely the Best Vending Machine Money Can Buy!


Do you offer finance?

Yes. Finance of up to 50% of purchase price is offered to approved purchasers.

Do I need to be technically proficient?

If you have ever used a screwdriver successfully, you probably have enough technical skill to run a vending machine franchise. Male or Female, young or old – we have franchisees from all walks of life.

How many franchises do you have operating?

We have approximately one hundred franchise territories in Australia and fifty in New Zealand. Many franchisees have multiple territories.

Can my kids and other family members help out?

Absolutely. Lot of our arcade machine franchisees take their 7+ year old kids on the run with them and they help them and love it. Great for school holidays.

How much money will I make?

It will take you between 2 and 4 years to repay your investment, depending on your level of drawings, and based on average benchmarking. In this business effort equals reward.

Is there any sales work?

While skill tester machine are placed on location when you begin, you or someone you engage to assist will have to call on local businesses in the future to place machines due to natural attrition of sites.

How much training will I need?

One to two days training will be sufficient, then you will continue to learn from the online manual. We encourage you to attend workshops when they are held.

How long has Koalakrane been in business?

The founders and directors of Koalakrane have been franchising Kiwikrane since 2001. This is the only crane machine franchise that we are aware of in the world. When you join us, you join a team who knows what they are doing.

Claw Machines

Are the best vending

machines money can buy!

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Koalakrane was established in 2000 in New Zealand (as Kiwikrane). Due to overwhelming success in completely covering NZ within 6 years we decided to bring the system to Australia in 2008. After forming a strategic alliance with Australia’s largest existing skill tester machine operator, we quickly established over 100 franchise territories. Koalakrane is a tried and tested system with a long history and a dedicated and experienced franchisor team.

14 Ardena Court, Bentleigh East,
Victoria, 3165, Australia
Office Phone: 07 3088 4820 and 1300 562 525 (KOALAKRANE)



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