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Here’s a small business opportunity in Melbourne that you’d want to get!

A great franchise business is one that lets you earn semi-passively without taking all your time, money, and effort to do other more important things. This small business for sale Melbourne is just that type of business, low maintenance and family-oriented. With Koalakrane, you will also be able to:

Earn more from another job.

  • Having a business does not mean you can quit your day job, most especially with a claw machine business like Koalakrane. Needing only one day a week of servicing, a Koalakrane franchise will give you more time for another job or business and an opportunity for more earnings. This small business for sale Melbourne is a great investment to earn extra.
  • Spend more time with family.

  • This franchise for sale Melbourne is a family-oriented business where you can get your spouse or kids involved in servicing your machines. Not only will you be doing something productive, you will also have an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. If you are looking for any business for sale in Melbourne, a Koalakrane franchise is an excellent opportunity that your entire family can enjoy.
  • Cooperate with your partner.

  • This claw machine franchise Melbourne can benefit from complementary skills, and involving your spouse or partner will be a great advantage not just for you but also for your small business. You can get a partner to do the cleaning while you fix the wires. Sharing tasks will take some things off your plate and let you focus on other matters. This is not just any business for sale in Melbourne; this crane machine franchise is a lifestyle business.
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    About Us


    Koalakrane is an effective franchise system based in Melbourne that allows franchisees to operate and manage their own amusement claw machines in an exclusive territory in Australia. Franchisees are provided with exclusive benefits, including consistent technical and customer support, promotional materials, trainings and workshops, and many more.

    Koalakrane, which is headed by Mark Robins, patterns its business system with Kiwikrane, which was headed by Cliff Hopkins in Auckland. Together, the companies have been assisting over 150 franchisees in over 16 years. They have provided over 1000 machines over the years.


    Success Stories

    I have spotted a goldmine these past weeks and have been biding my time to talk to the owners. They seemed to be too busy to sit down with me about getting a machine in. After a while, I found the perfect timing and went back for an appointment.

    I’m so glad that the owner found it a great idea to take a machine in! Three weeks after that fateful time, we are now discussing about a second claw machine.

    - Colin Neilsen

    Although I had my doubts about being a franchisee, it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. With the constant support and guidance from Koalakrane, I was able to find the right sites to place my machines around the city.

    It helps to have an online forum to share stories and tips with my fellow Koalakraners. I’m now inspired to expand my business to other areas.

    - Kerri Gibens

    After a week of recruiting sites, I finally found the perfect location to get one of my machines in. I’m happy that the owners were also interested in hosting a crane and the benefits that it brings his business.

    The brochure with the machine’s pictures were a big help in convincing them to take a claw machine in. It was a very good deal for both of us.

    - Marten Clark

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    We are determined to carry on our program for the claw machine arcade games will be there entertaining old and new generations. Next time you look for business for sale Sydney, give us a call or fill up to form at the right. We will respond within 24 hours.

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