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Run a claw machine business in Griffith!

Looking for a semi-passive business that you can run and grow in Griffith? How about a claw machine franchise? Skill testers have been around nearly 100 years, and they are not going anywhere soon. Semi-passive and family-oriented, this small business opportunity will suit your lifestyle—giving you plenty of time to spend on other pursuits. As a Koalakrane franchisee, you will be able to:

Work another job or business.

  • Who says you have to quit your job to start a business? With Koalakrane, you can keep your day job because you can service machines in the evening or weekends.
  • Involve your family.

  • There’s not many businesses where you can get your kids over 6 involved any time. Make every weekly visit a great bonding time with your little ones by bringing them along to help you service your machines and give you their expert advice on what is going to be popular. You will be surprised to find out how useful they can be!
  • Involve your spouse.

  • Complementary skills can work together in a claw machine business in Griffith, so working with a partner can be a great advantage. Get someone to fix things while you do the cleaning. maybe they could scout for prospective business locations in your area while you do the accounts. Sharing tasks with your partner to suit what you’re both best at is a great way to run a successful business.
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    About Us


    Koalakrane is an Australia-based franchising business that gives franchisees an exclusive territory to own and manage an amusement skill tester business.. Koalakrane franchisees are given assistance with qualified technical support and successful business systems. Koalakrane also supplies all products and marketing materials for the crane machines.

    Koalakrane is the sister company to Kiwikrane, which is based in New Zealand, with both franchise systems supporting over 130 franchises operating over 2,000 claw machines across the two countries. Koalakrane headquarters is located in Melbourne, where Mark Robins leads company operations. The company is supported by qualified staff in Auckland, Perth, India, and the Philippines.


    Success Stories

    I have been eyeing a goldmine for quite some time now, yet I just couldn’t get them to sit down for a talk about hosting my machines.

    I waited for the right time and after a few days, I tried my luck again. Good thing the owner was just as interested to take a machine in.

    Three weeks later, we talked about having a second machine around.

    - Colin Neilsen

    The thought of being a franchisee overwhelmed me at first, but it turned out to be a smooth experience. It was a great thing that I’ve had a lot of help from the Koalakrane management.

    Having a family of Koalakrane franchisees was also a great help to me especially when I was still starting out. Their wonderful insights significantly guided me through this business. Now, I’m already planning to place more machines around town.

    - Kerri Gibens

    As I was scouting for locations last week, I instantly found a good one and took over. I’m glad that the owners were also excited to host my machine since it entertains the customers.

    The detailed brochures with pictures of the machines helped convince the site owners to host a skill tester. It was an instant done deal.

    - Marten Clark

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    We are determined to carry on our program for the claw machine arcade games will be there entertaining old and new generations. Still looking for small business for sale Griffith NSW? Why not dial our number now or fill up to form at the right. We will response within 24 hours.

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