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How to make $350 to $500 for ONLY 1 DAY’s WORK per week looking after claw machines in Ballarat, Victoria?

Semi Passive Part Time Vending Machine Business in Ballarat, Victoria

You may have seen plush toy crane machines just about in every corner of a business establishment and wondered how much profit they can earn. What if we tell you that you can exclusively own and operate skill tester machines in Ballarat and earn as much as $350 for a single day’s work? Get to know more about this amazing franchise opportunity.

  • SEMI-PASSIVE INCOME With this amazing business for sale Ballarat, franchisees only need to find promising sites within the area that will host their claw machines and come back weekly to collect their earnings. Because it is entirely a cash business, no need to wait for people to pay for your service. Instead, you can go on with your lifestyle while your profits keep coming.
  • WORK FLEXIBLE HOURS A great small business opportunity is one that does not demand much of your time with only minimal results. With a Koalakrane claw machine franchise, you are in total control of your time all while running your business. You can just choose the most convenient time of the week for servicing and maintenance of your machines and spend the rest of the week for more important activities.
  • RECEIVE FULL SUPPORT Being a franchisee can initially be an overwhelming experience, especially for a first-timer. However, this business for sale Ballarat area assures an easy transition into the business with its highly qualified customer and technical support team. You are also expected to be welcomed warmly by fellow franchisees, receiving only the proven and tested advice on how to run your small business.
  • Discover how you can grow as an entrepreneur by checking out this amazing franchise opportunity in Ballarat, Victoria today!

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    Based in Australia, Koalakrane is a franchise system where franchisees own and operate amusement skill tester machines within an exclusive home territory.

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    We are determined to carry on our program for the claw machine arcade games will be there entertaining old and new generations. Next time you look for business for sale Hamilton Area, give us a call or fill up to form at the right. We will respond within 24 hours.

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    Meet Some Of Our Franchisees


    I started the claw machine business with one location in Port Stephens NSW and soon expanded to three areas. Now, I’m managing a thriving business with six areas with nearly 100 claw machines. This truly exceeded my expectations! I would recommend it to any potential franchisee. This was really a life-changing move that has given me freedom of my time to be present for my kids at a time when it is most important.


    I have been a Koalakrane franchisee for 12 months now. Before entering this business, I owned and managed pubs in Melbourne, where I got rights to a certain location on the Gold Coast. Eventually, I looked for the business that can potentially earn good money yet can give me enough time to bond with my family during the week. With due diligence, I am confident in saying that Koalakrane was truly the right business to take for me.


    My previous career had me spend long hours working for someone else. I realized that work should not control your whole life. I looked for something that will give me a work-life balance, and I have found it in the Koalakrane franchise and their skills tester machines. It gave me the flexibility that I wanted in the first place, giving me more time for my family while running my own business.

    Colin Neilsen

    I have spotted a goldmine these past weeks and have been biding my time to talk to the owners. They seemed to be too busy to sit down with me about getting a machine in. After a while, I found the perfect timing and went back for an appointment.

    I’m so glad that the owner found it a great idea to take a machine in! Three weeks after that fateful time, we are now discussing about a second claw machine.

    Kerri Gibens

    Although I had my doubts about being a franchisee, it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. With the constant support and guidance from Koalakrane, I was able to find the right sites to place my machines around the city.

    It helps to have an online forum to share stories and tips with my fellow Koalakraners. I’m now inspired to expand my business to other areas.

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