Window Cleaning Franchise for Sale

A window-washing business can easily take a successful turn since most commercial and private establishments want their windows cleaned on a regular basis. Although this business has a huge market, you also get huge competition with other window cleaning services around. The more demands needed for a certain service, the higher the competition will likely be.

Other than that, setting up a window cleaning franchise for sale requires more costs, especially on hiring employees to carry out your services. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to keep close track of your people and finances personally, which will require your full-time attention and commitment.

However, if you are seeking for a low maintenance business that only takes a day of your week for servicing and gives you more time to spend on your life, then consider getting a claw machine franchise. Imagine earning for up to $350 for a day’s worth of work without actually sweating it out—that’s how you will do when you become a claw machine franchisee.

Crane Machine inside Mall

Aside from that, being a Koalakrane franchisee will give you the opportunity to own and operate your machines in an area exclusively, eliminating competition significantly.

If you are interested in a semi-passive, lucrative small business opportunity, get a toy prize vending machine franchise today.

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