The Hatchlings Have Hatched in Koalakrane Machines!

Get ready to squeal with delight at Koalakrane’s newest toy prizes. They’re cute, fluffy, and everything you could ask for in a stuffed toy!

Ever since their debut in The Angry Birds Movie, these little fluffballs have instantly captured the hearts of viewers that a holiday video has been made of them singing the Christmas song, “Deck the Halls.”

You guessed it right, Angry Birds’ The Hatchlings are up for grabs at Koalakrane skill testers now!

Get ready to pick your favourite hatchling. Choose from cute little birds, Arianna, Zoe, Blues, Vincent, Will, and Samantha—you can never go wrong anyway.

Test your skills now and beat the Claw for these cute fluffy Angry Bird plushies!

Grab your very own Pusheen the cat plush toy when you play a Koalakrane skill tester today!

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