‘The Emoji Movie’ Characters are Coming to Koalakrane Machines!

Get ready to immerse into the digital world when you win a prize from Koalakrane claw machines: The Emoji Movie plush toy!

Based on the hit animated film by Sony Pictures Animation, The Emoji Movie centers around the emoji named Gene, who is born to be a “meh” emoji just like his parents. Gene accidentally makes a confusing expression when he is picked by his cellphone user, Alex. This threatens the entire emoji population from being wiped out as Alex plans to have his phone erased. With this, Gene sets out on a journey to get himself fixed before he is considered a “malfunction”.

Our latest toy prize come in several characters—all of which are lovely and completely huggable! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the emoji trend and get your very own Emoji Movie plush toy today in Koalakrane claw machines!

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