Tako the Octopus Plushies Invade Koalakrane Machines!

If you think octopus can’t be cute and adorable, you’ll be thinking twice when you see these Tako the Octopus plushies—and the good thing is that you get the chance to win them at your nearest Koalakrane claw machines! Inspired by the irresistibly charming mobile sticker pack, these Tako the Octopus plushies are soft, smooth, and ultimately cuddly, making them perfectly safe and suited for kids aged 3 and above. Catch Tako in three different sizes and five vibrant colours: red, pink, yellow, green, and blue! With these variations, there’s truly a Tako the Octopus plushie for everyone! Don’t miss out on these sweet, snuggly new prizes and head on to your nearest Koalakrane skill tester machine today! Tag along your kids, friends, and family while you’re at it—the more players, the more chances of winning!

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