7 More Reasons that Will Convince You to Be a Claw Machine Franchisee!

Claw MachinesYou may have already seen ads such as “Make $300 a day while you sleep!” pertaining to the vending machine business. Truly, the vending machine business holds great potential as a passive way of gaining profit. In this world where everything is now fast-paced, people will insert a coin or two to instantly get anything they need from the nearest vending machines. But among these many types of coin-operated machines, the popular arcade claw machine stands out from the rest!

Here, we spill 7 additional info that will convince you to start getting a vending machine franchise with skill tester machines soon:

  1. Crane machines pose a challenge to potential players.
    Electronic snack machines and the likes may seem like a more passive vending business, but they are more likely to be seen everywhere, giving you more competition. With arcade claw machines or plush cranes, it is easy to attract customers with an invitation to take on a challenge. Moreover, players often get a boost of motivation to insert another coin, especially when the challenge is won the first time.

  2. Crane machines are most sought-after by many business establishments.
    Although an ideal business offers fast-paced service, it is inevitable that customers may still spend time waiting for their turn to be served. Think restaurants, pizza parlours, bars, and even barber shops! Skill testers offer entertainment to waiting customers, thus extending their patience even more.

  3. The plush crane machine franchise is a lucrative business.
    Those vending machine advertisements that promise a huge profit per day may look too good to be true, but that’s just because most of them probably are. This type of business is an easily lucrative one, especially if you venture into a trusted vending machine franchise. Owning several machines from a well-renowned claw machine franchise and distributing them in a certain area will ensure domination and will mean multiplied profit.

  4. Claw machines attract all audiences.  
    What’s surprising is that while common prizes in claw machines involve plush toys, candies, and children’s toys, most players are adults, since they hold the money and have better chances at winning. Plush cranes target all ages unlike other types of vending machines.

  5. Plush cranes can hold a wide variety of prizes.
    What attracts players more is a wide array of interesting prizes in store! Usually, claw machines stock licensed plush toys based on new animated films or even league supporter balls especially during game season! With such relevant collections up for grabs, players are sure to constantly and effortlessly flock your plush cranes.

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  7. The claw machine franchise require low maintenance.
    Maintenance is a great factor to consider when it comes to the vending machine business, and skill testers certainly need less of it. Basically, owners only have to check, clean, or restock their crane machines and collect earnings once a week, giving them more time to be productive on other things.

  8. The vending machine business is a family-oriented.  
    Many of those who are planning to start a passive business may be looking for opportunities that allow them to spend time with their families. With a vending machine franchise, business may be mixed with leisure. With the business’ simple maintenance requirements, even kids can help out in the process, giving you more opportunities to bond with your loved ones.

Every business requires commitment, effort, and sacrifice — some just requires less of them than others. Take the smart risk of the claw machine business and experience the benefits for yourself!



  1. That is a good point that interesting prizes in a game attract the customers. That is something that I would love to see when going to a store or arcade. This is something that I am sure an arcade owner would benefit from buying.

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