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What will it take you to start a lawn mowing business in Albury Wodonga? Of course, you will need a lawn mower, preferably a riding mower so you can do more per day. Not only that, you will need other lawn care supplies, such as trimmers and fertilizers. More importantly, you will need the manpower to run your business.

What if there we tell you that there are other small business opportunities that won’t require you that much hassle and take all your time? A claw machine franchise for sale in Albury Wodonga is just that business. Reception of claw machines has not faded over the years; people will always find a form of entertainment, especially when they are idle.
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This means that with a claw machine business, all you have to do is leave a machine in a crowd-filled site and let it do the work. Once a week, you can just collect your earnings for the past seven days.

If you want to earn semi-passively through a low maintenance business, perhaps a lawn mowing business for sale Albury Wodonga is not the right one for you.  

If you’re interested in one, we’d love to talk to you about this amazing small business opportunity. Franchisee Workshop

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