KleptoCats are the Newest Koalakrane Toy Prizes

From your mobile to your nearest Koalakrane claw machine, the KleptoCats will steal your hearts! That’s right—KleptoCats are the newest toy prizes up for grabs in our skilltesters.

Based on the popular mobile game by HyperBeard Games, the KleptoCats game allows players to collect various cats that you can ask to rummage through lost stuff in your room. In a Koalakrane, however, you’re the one rummaging through the pile of toys to grab your own KleptoCat. How cool is that?

Available in six different characters, these 28cm cat plush toys are surely ones you dare shouldn’t miss. Collect all fluffy plushies, Fayer, Mime, Papu, Pixel, Ralphie, and Steph, when you beat the Claw!

Are you up for the challenge? Tell a friend about these exciting new prizes and win your very own KleptoCat plush toy now!

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