Kawaii Babe Dolls are the Cutest Koalakrane Prizes You’ll Ever See!

The Kawaii Babe Dolls include four different characters. Cute and medium-sized, the Kawaii Babe Dolls are a mix of the Asian look and the shape of Russia’s Matryoshka dolls all stitched into cuddly soft plushies.

The ultimate kawaii plushies are here, and they’re the newest Koalakrane prizes up for grabs when you beat the Claw!

Made with excellent quality plush fabric, these kawaii plush toys feature a suede-like feel that makes them ultimately delightful to the touch.

Kawaii is the Japanese term for “cute,” and this just perfectly describes these stunning Kawaii Babe Dolls.

Grab all four Kawaii Babe Doll characters and head on to your nearest Koalakrane skill testers today!

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