Here’s a Coco-riffic Treat: Catch Coco in Koalakrane Machines!

“Coco” has been a huge hit ever since it landed on theatres late last year. The Disney-Pixar animated film captured the hearts of many, and it even made us cry buckets! But you won’t be crying to this wonderful surprise we have for you—You can now catch Coco plushies in Koalakrane machines near you! Experience the wonderful magic of Coco from reel to REAL! Play at your nearest Koalakrane skill tester to win a cute and cuddly Coco plushie. Whether you want the skeletonized Miguel, the ever-charming Ernesto de la Cruz, or the dog-turned-alebrije Dante, kids and families will enjoy beating the claw when they’ve got awesome prizes to look forward to! Plus, they get the chance to catch colourful skull plush toys inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead tradition! Head on to a Koalakrane claw machine and start playing now! As what the famous Ernesto de la Cruz says, “Seize your moment!”

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