Dog Wash Business in Australia

If you are interested in starting your own self-serve dog wash business, you are in it for a potentially lucrative source of income.

To launch your business, you’ll need to gather the right essentials, such as proper space, water supply and sewage access, tubs, shampoos and towels, and general business insurance.

Identify the kind of service

If you are planning to buy a dog wash business for sale, you will need to identify what kind of service you are willing to offer. There are two kinds of dog washes for you to choose from: a total self-serve coin-operated dog wash service or one with on-site oversight for additional services, such as dog grooming, etc.

Coin-operated dog washes work by automatically dispensing water and shampoo within a pre-determined time, just like automatic car washes. Meanwhile, the on-site service will require a staff who will make the transaction with customers with no set time limit.

On coin-operated businesses

The coin-operated business fits entrepreneurs who want a secondary source of income that won’t take much of their time and effort. Just like a coin-operated dog wash business, a claw machine business is a lucrative option for a semi-passive business. Once you’ve set up your machines on a strategic site, you can just return after one week to service your machines and collect your earnings.

If you are interested in this kind of franchise business opportunity, contact us now so we can discuss the opportunity further.

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