Dog Grooming Business: How to Start

A dog grooming business is a very interesting opportunity to consider, especially if you are inclined to animals. It may seem like a simple business to begin with, but it can be lucrative when set up and operated right.

There’s a huge market in dog grooming, particularly because almost every household has a pet dog that needs to be maintained and taken care of. Dog grooming requires professional skill, especially since such type of job should prioritize the safety of both dog and groomer.

If you’re planning to start a dog grooming business in Australia, here are three simple steps you need to take.

Do your research.
Have enough knowledge of the pet grooming business that you are interested in. Aside from basic information on how to take care of dogs, you also need to learn how to manage them and keep them under control when need be.

Plot your expenses.
To start a dog grooming business in Australia, you’ll need to invest in equipment—sinks, grooming tables, scissors, all the nitty gritty! Also initially prepare supplies that will last for at least three months, and take it from there once your business flourishes.

Hire your staff.
Managing and manning your shop alone seems to be too much a task, so you need to hire a couple of employees to start your operations. Make sure that these workers are skilled not only in handling animals but also in handling customers.

Aside from these three basic steps, there are other requirements that you need to acquire. Then, there’s also the marketing and advertising of your business to help it grow.

Alternative semi-passive opportunity
However, if you are not so keen about starting a business from scratch, you can start acquiring a claw machine franchise and exclusively operate claw machines in your area. Unlike a dog grooming shop, which you will need to look after every day, a claw machine business in Australia lets you take control of your own time, as claw machines only need at least one day a week for servicing and collection.

Interested in this business opportunity? Reach out to us so we can discuss with you further.

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