Here’s Where You Can Get Started with a Business for Sale in Bruthen and Other Nearby Towns

The claw machine business is well-loved because of its low maintenance nature where you can earn lucrative income semi-passively. But although it is promising, there are other important factors that you, as business owner, need to address in order to achieve success—and one of these factors is the location in which to place your claw machine. Finding the right site that will host your skill tester is crucial, as it has to be a strategic location where there is great foot traffic.

If you are looking for promising locations to place this business for sale in Bruthen, Lakes Entrance, Paynesville, and other neighboring towns, we have compiled a list for your convenience!

Bruthen Inn Hotel

A business for sale in Bruthen will most likely flourish where customers just keep coming and going, and the Bruthen Inn Hotel is one of those places. Hotels are a great spot for plush toy cranes, especially in the lobby and lounge area where customers often spend waiting hours to get a room or to checkout.


If you are looking for a crowd, you can definitely find a huge one in supermarkets and grocery stores. For this business for sale in Lakes Entrance, check out their Woolworths branch and you’ll find a hustling and bustling crowd that can use a little entertainment from their exhausting shopping spree. A claw machine in the corner is often a relief for parents, as they can easily keep their fussy kids distracted with the claw machines while they shop.

Pier 70

Located in Paynesville, Pier 70 is one great place for people to chill and unwind. Aside from the good food, the perfect ambiance easily draws customers in. Secure your business for sale in Paynesville in this site and expect an instant following. Playing the skill testers is always a great way to kill time while waiting for your food to be served.

Gippsland Centre

Since shopping centres are always situated in locations that are easily accessible to many people, they make great sites to place a claw machine in. Gippsland Centre, in particular, is a perfect place to host this business for sale in Sale and nearby towns such as Longford, Maffra, and Lindenow. With its variety of stores and supermarkets, people are sure to flock—which is just what we need to make an excellent profit.

Orbost Golf Club

Orbost Golf Club is well-loved among club members, but they are also gaining crowds with their annual tournaments and attractions. Setting up your business for sale in Orbost in this prominent golf club, you can just place your claw machines in the lobby or reception area and you’re sure to gain a lot of players. There are a lot of promising sites out there that you can scout to set up your business. Just remember to have a keen eye and a ton of patience and commitment! If you are interested in doing business around these areas, check out our Koalakrane claw machine franchise.

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