Back to the 80s—Win Fraggle Rock toys at Koalakrane Claw Machines

Raise your hand if you’re an ‘80s kid! You are in for a blast in the past with our brand new Koalakrane claw machine prizes that’s based on your classic favourite children’s television series, Fraggle Rock!

With the show’s huge television comeback on HBO late last year, Fraggle Rock has brought many of us back to our childhoods—where adorable puppets taught us relatable lessons every day!

Nothing beats a classic collection from a classic ‘80s television series. Erase all your worries and cares away and don’t miss out on the Fraggle Rock fever!

Get Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, or Gorg, or the entire set when you beat the Claw today. Grab a friend and head on to your nearest Koalakrane skilltesters now!

Interested in owning a Koalakrane franchise? Here are our available franchise locations:

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