Baby Looney Tunes Plushies are Crawling Their Way to Koalakrane Machines!

Playing Koalakrane skill testers just got better with these brand new Baby Looney Tunes plush toys in store! From your favourite Looney Tunes cartoon show to your very own hands, these super cute and charming plushies make every child’s imagination run wild! Nothing beats a classic cartoon show like Looney Tunes. Everybody just knows the clever bunny, Bugs; the irresistibly charming Tweety Bird; the eccentric alien, Marvin the Martian; the aggressive Tasmanian Devil; and the cat-and-mouse tandem of Coyote and the Roadrunner! Filled with soft polyester fibres, these Cartoon Network-licensed Looney Tunes plushies are made with breathable plush material to achieve that perfect cuddliness kids will love. Whether playmates or naptime buddies, these Looney Tunes soft dolls are sure to delight every kid and kid at heart! Grab a Looney Tunes soft toy today when you play a Koalakrane skill tester! The more you play, the more chances of getting the entire Looney Tunes gang!

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