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Arcade Claw Machine Business

The Koalakrane arcade claw machine easily stands out from the rest. Due to years of research, testing, and development, Koalakrane has provided its members with only the most distinctive and most durable claw machines over the years. Each with C-tick certification, these machines meet and exceed standards.

  • Dimensions: H1930 x W790 x D720
  • One-year warranty on motors and PCBs
  • Enjoyable sound effects
  • Big locking wheels for easy mobilization
  • With coin box with metal doors and high security lock
  • Durable solid wooden construction
  • Secured prize storage
  • Dual optical prize detection system
  • Bright colourful LED lights in both corners

Wide-ranging selection

Koalakrane skill testers come in four different sizes to suit a variety of prize toy sizes. Whether you want to display small plush toys and youth rugby balls or the most gigantic toys, there is an amusement claw machine for that.

If you are looking for a no-fuss arcade claw machine for sale, you are looking in the right place. Our smallest claw machines can be easily transported on a van or trailer and carried by one or two people.

Durability and design

In terms of quality, these machines are cream of the crop. They are made with durable yet lightweight materials that can withstand wear and tear for a long time. With regular servicing and maintenance, a Koalakrane claw machine can still look brand new despite the years. Featuring a sophisticated yet undeniably attractive design, this paint in these machines go through a special process that protects them from harsh UV rays.

User-friendly features

Koalakrane prides itself in providing top-notch machines with a completely user-friendly interface. Its claw machines feature programmable time and pricing options to suit your preferences. Not only are they easy to service, these arcade claw machines are also a no-brainer to play, giving players great chances of winning each time.

Franchise opportunity

Koalakrane has been in the amusement industry for more than 17 years and has assisted in the operation of over 2,500 machines since. Experience how these arcade claw machines earn a fortune by being our newest franchisee who gets to set up his business in an exclusive home territory.


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