Koalakrane is a business franchising system where franchisees operate amusement (crane) claw machines on various locations in their exclusive region. Koalakrane franchisees are trained to provide excellent service to their claw machines and to regularly fill them with quality plush toys, balls, sports items, and other amazing prizes.

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Are you a business owner interested in earning on the side with just some cash in exchange for an extra corner or space in your store? Consider an obligation-free trial in hosting a Koalakrane claw machine on a revenue share agreement. Our Koalakrane franchisees regularly service and fill your skill tester machine. All you have to do is to provide a small corner and a powerpoint.
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meet some of our franchisees

Meet Our Port Stephens Franchisee

Jamie Croker

When I lost my wife, I resorted to work full-time while taking care of four young children, yet I found myself face-to-face with uncertainty. I didn’t know how I would live, let alone pay my bills. After a lot of retrospection, I knew I just couldn’t work in my regular job any longer. I had to find something that gave me enough time to be there for my kids. That’s when I discovered Koalakrane Franchise.

I started the claw machine business with one location in Port Stephens NSW and soon expanded to three areas. Now, I’m managing a thriving business with six areas with nearly 100 claw machines. This truly exceeded my expectations! I would recommend it to any potential franchisee. This was really a life-changing move that has given me freedom of my time to be present for my kids at a time when it is most important.
Meet Our Gold Coast Franchisee

Michael Stock

I have been a Koalakrane franchisee for 12 months now. Before entering this business, I owned and managed pubs in Melbourne, where I got rights to a certain location on the Gold Coast. Eventually, I looked for the business that can potentially earn good money yet can give me enough time to bond with my family during the week. With due diligence, I am confident in saying that Koalakrane was truly the right business to take for me. Although there are guidelines to follow, I understand that it comes in the franchising business and I trust the experts behind this community. In fact, I had purchased this business to be able to fully operate it and make as much profit as possible.

One thing I liked the most about this business is the variety of stock that was available for my crane machines, not to mention their quality. Each prize that I get to put in my crane machine appeals to all players. These plush toy prizes are not something that you can just throw away. When I initially started my business, I mapped out my short and long term goals, starting with 13 machines. Over the next nine months, I started operating over 40 claw machines. This must be the most enjoyable job that I’ve ever had. All it takes is just hard work and a lot of effort in making sure your machines are presented nicely and in cultivating a good working relationship with the site owner. Koalakrane franchise offers unwavering support and competent training.

I wish you the best of luck in your search for the best business. If you are ever interested in Koalakrane, I’d be happy to share my stories and experiences with you. I am involved in trainings for new franchisees as well so it is my pleasure to welcome you in into training in the beautiful Gold Coast.

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Meet Our Port Macquarie Franchisee

Marten Clark

Coming from a corporate background back in Sydney, I wanted a change of life and moved to Port Macquarie. My previous career had me spend long hours working for someone else. I realized that work should not control your whole life. I looked for something that will give me a work-life balance, and I have found it in the Koalakrane franchise and their skills tester machines. It gave me the flexibility that I wanted in the first place, giving me more time for my family while running my own business.

Great Prizes


Collect Poppy and her fellow Trolls Bigger, Branch, Cooper, DJ Suki, Fuzzbert, Guy Diamond & Smidge.

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Try and catch Pikachu and the rest of his Pokemon friends!

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We have all 16 NRL clubs Steeden supporter balls to collect.

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AFL Basketball

We have specially designed AFL teams basketballs! Collect all 18.

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